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Asteroid-based resources
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The idea is that resources could be reclaimed from asteroids that Silicoid arrive in, are sent to distract fire in a Silicoid rush/damage Earth's surface, or end up on a course to just pass by.

H.U.R.K. transports could be deployed to carry a mining laser module if such can have a modular bay, or deploy rockets to an asteroids surface to maneuver it into orbit (after Solar Warden reveals itself to the public and has the tech?), or maybe enough could tow it to a desired location, somehow.

Weapons used to break apart an asteroid could eliminate amounts of resources available to be reclaimed, with a ballistic weapon and missiles destroying more resources than a laser or railgun.  Such could be modified if there is variety in ammo types.

Long-range radar satellites, short-range sensor buoy like systems, large craft, and small craft via a scanner pod that mounts to a hardpoint, could have upgrades to scan asteroids and determine if they are occupied and what resources each contains.

(Not sure by what degree resource management is planned/desired for this game, if at all since having gone back through and checked the game's description, nor do I know what the the game's development roadmap looks like with the allotted resources, but maybe such could be considered as part of future DLC, if the idea hasn't been fleshed out by the team thus far, for my outsider's worth of two cents.)