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Horizon: Zero Dawn
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Picked up Horizon about 2 weeks ago, and I have to say I'm pretty impressed. I really love how they built a really neat universe around robotic dinosaurs and creatures.

Since I'm also a huge fan of Archery, this pretty much played into a fun little fantasy of shooting and killing robots with a bow. With that being pretty ridiculous, I especially wondered why weapons like the "Trip" caster was a Cross bow, but you never used it for shooting direct bolts at a target. Clearly a crossbow has much more potential energy than the recurves you get. But what ever, it's the Archer in me that wonders why she didn't have a compound bow. Oh well.

Gorgeous graphics and animations (except for the lip sync). Very pretty game. Fun addictive gameplay to come along too, however I found that the difficulty fell off after the first 1/3rd of the game.

7.5/10 for me over all.
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