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Solar Warden Forum Rules
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1. Be respectful

Discussion is very welcome in our forums, and we're eager to see different viewpoints as well as criticism of our game.
However, please make sure to keep the following points in mind:

- Discussion is ok, deliberate insults are not.
- No Discrimination against someone's ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation.
- Do not threaten other users.
- Do not post anyone's personal data on these forums (this includes your own).

2. Keep your posts in the forumís language

The main language on our forums is english, please make sure to make your posts in english so we can all participate in the talk.
Exception to that is the German forum section, as well as the other language subsections we have planned.

3. No Illegal, Disturbing or Pornographic Content

Please refrain from posting content that can get you or others in trouble. This includes:

- Links to pirated media as well as tutorials on how to pirate such
- Anything that can be used to further illegal activity
- Disturbing content
- Pornographic content of any kind

4. Don't spam

Human or Robot, make sure to keep any forms of spam out of our forums. This includes:

- Unwanted advertisments
- Mass posting and picture spam
- Xposting across forums

You are of course welcome to open a thread about your favourite game in our Other Games section, as well as any other Off Topic discussions in our Toast section though!

5. Make sure your post is in the relevant sub forum

As our last point, please make sure to keep your posts on topic and relevant to their respective sub forums.

How we handle breaking of forum rules

Generally, we handle breaking of forum rules via a three strikes system. Users who break the rules will get two warnings, then a ban for 7 days follows.

In extreme cases, we reserve the right to ban a user outright and/or longer than the default 7 days.

Our Moderators are:
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