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Artificial Pilot Intelligences
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APP or API - artificial pilot personality or artificial pilot intelligence

Fielded after research into artificial intelligence nets the necessary breakthroughs, artificial pilot computer systems could be installed into Warden craft to function as human pilots, with benefits like increased reaction time, but trade-offs like increased costs.

Not sure how much depth there is planned for resources ingame but an additional thought pertains to requiring more supplies to field, be it parts flown up from Earth/printed in space or otherwise.

Then there could be "recruitment" time versus a human pilot or simpler unmanned vehicle computer.  It might take longer to build but be a faster learner in the field (if experience/veterancy is planned), but become faster to recruit with research.  It could be faster to field than humans early game, but once Solar Warden goes public and if public opinion is favorable, get surpassed by humans rallying to fill the ranks.

With the total reliance on craft/satellite sensors for battlefield awareness, Warden combat craft could suffer more negative traits as the craft and API is piloting takes damage, compared to humans, until further research better streamlines the battlefield network connections (or some other excuse).

Furthermore if any mechanics are implemented where human pilots suffer negative affects from continued use of telepresence then this system could avoid such for craft it's deployed on.

I wonder too if a mechanic would allow for hive minded battlefield awareness, something that could see ingame research removing/lowering the suffered damage debuffs when there are more APIs are in a fleet or area.