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Warp Factor 9
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I didn't want to cover these last week at all.  Talk about theoretical tech that I just won't be able to wrap my head around.  Seriously?  God damned WARP DRIVES?  What is this, Star Trek?  Is Scotty about to call up, yelling that he's givn' 'er all she's go', Cap'n?!

But I digress.  Warp Drives.  Let's talk about them.

For those who don't have doctorates in quantum theory which, I would guess, is pretty much all of you, Warp Drives, in terms of the layman, are simply engines that move quickly via contorting the space around them.

What the hell does that even mean?

We're all, hopefully, familiar with the concept of folding space.  You've all seen the demonstration of some scientist or celebrity folding a piece of paper and putting a pencil through it.  It's actually really hard to explain via text.  Far too technical for me.  But its a valid theory.

The shortest distance between two points is a straight line unless, with THE POWER OF SCIENCE, we fold all of the whole friggen universe and make the two points... the same point.

It boggles the mind and attacks the senses, dear patriots.  I could pull out my hair and scream into the mic all day and still I wouldn't understand.  FOLD SPACE?!?!  It's hard enough folding aluminum and you want us to FRIGGEN FOLD SPACE?!?!
A wrinkle in time, friends.

So, in order to kind of better understand, let's get nerdy.  Let's talk about Star Trek.
In Star Trek, their warp drives actually have a formula they follow.  Now, granted, this formula was made up by the show's writers and may not actually have any sort of working properties when actually attributed to space flight.

Then again... perhaps they may.

The warp equation in the show is "v=(W^3)c".
"W" is warp factor, "v" is velocity, and "c" is the speed of light.
Therefore, Warp 1 is the speed of light.  Warp 2 is 8x the speed of light.  Warp 3 is 27x the speed of light.  So on and so forth.

The thing is, short of a slingshot effect, which we will talk about in just a little while, there really isn't a viable explanation for how this is done.  How is it that we hurl matter, regardless of how heavy it is, across space at the speed of light, much less 27x the speed of light??

Nobody knows.  Its seemingly impossible.

What happens when you turn on the headlights?

Remember, earlier, when I said we would come back to the slingshot in just a little while?  Let's talk about it.

Now, again, truthers, entirely theoretical science, here.  So theoretical, in fact, that equations and what not don't really exist.  At least, not to us uneducated civilians.  Area 51, I'm sure, has all sorts of ships and alien tech with theoretical engines.

One may be the fictional Mag Drive.  (Fictional?  Really?  REALLY?!)  How does the Mag Drive work? I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA.  but I do have some thoughts regarding the subject.

100 or so kilometers above the earth, there's an invisible border called the Karman line.  The Karman line, for all intents and purposes, is the widely accepted scientific boundary where our atmosphere ends and space begins.

Let us assume that the Karman Line is a physical barrier.  Not physical in the way of "if you crash into it, your ship is destroyed" but physical in the way of "if you were to approach the border at an angle, your ship may skip across the surface much like a flat rock across a lake."

Assume, if you would patriots, that you are able to approach this border at such an angle that, instead of skipping across the border, your ship is able to keep in contact with it, skimming the surface of the atmosphere.

Now, let's say your ship has some sort of its own Karman line.  Perhaps a shield of sorts that will absorb energy while reflecting matter.  Perhaps, while skimming the planets border, said shield absorbs the energy produced, propelling your ship to unfathomed speeds.  The more you fly around the planet, keeping in contact with this border, the more energy your shield absorbs, and the faster you go.

Once you reach absolutely incredible speeds, you simply unattach from the Karman line and are "sling shotted" across space.

At least, this is the way I understand it.  This could be TOTALLY INCORRECT for all I know.  Without actually doing it myself, there's just no way to know for sure.

And I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to do this myself.

Anyone have a few billion dollars they could loan me?  I'll pay you back.  Somehow.  Maybe over the span of a thousand years or so, on my sallary.

Just bill the government.  They should be good for it, right?

Then there’s the Magneto Drive.  This is actually a pretty simple concept.  Imagine you had a long copper coil.  Spring.  Tube.  Whatever.  Inside that coil spring thing, you put a battery with a magnet on both sides of it.  Connect the two ends of said tube coil apparatus together… boom.  Not only do you have perpetual motion, but you’re producing electricity.
So what happens is the battery is an electrical charge, right?  Of sorts, I mean.  Of courst its not an actual electrical charge.  It’s a cylinder of metal with fluid in it and… you know what, it doesn’t matter what a battery is, exactly.  It produces electricity.

So the magnets on either end of the battery are producing a negative and positive attraction, so when its inside the copper spring tube assembly thingy, its actually producing current from the positive end to the negative end.

This electrical current that flows through the copper coil tube spring thing creates a magnetic field, but the magnets push against that field, which is what causes propulsion.
I will not lie.  I don’t have a masters in electrical engineering… or any sort of engineering, for that matter.  So this confuses the hell out of me.


What will they think of next?

The intriguing thing to me, Patriots, is just how easy this engine seems, in practice.  I mean, the coil battery expirement could be done yourself at home with just a little amount of money.

Imagine what the government could do with huge secret underground facilities and trillions of dollars at their disposal.  You really think that we don’t have some sort of secret space defense program up there, using some sort of badass space fairing engine, up there, patrolling space?

Come on.

You’re smarter than that.

Until next time dear readers!
Question Everything!
Don’t believe the government!
But most importantly