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Xcom 2 and Long War
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It's kinda no secret that I love this game. And with the Long War 2 mod that came out... Geeze. Steam says I now have 435 hours playing this... lol. Especially handy with the vast amount of Mods for the game, I totally recommend this to anyone who's into strategy games.

My only 2 complaints with the regular campaign are;

1) The difficulty tends to drop off in the later half when you've done tons of technology upgrades to make your units into super soldiers and you start to walk through enemies like they're nothing

2) Squad size for me is really small. 4 Units to start and 6 max?? I remember the 90s Xcom when you could have like 14 and more soliders running around.

Mods completely fix this like Long War. Totally worth your time checking out.

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