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Ideas and Suggestions / Utility spacecraft
« on: June 14, 2018, 10:03:16 PM »
A tugboat like craft (maybe variant(s)s of the H.U.R.K. transport?) built for dedicated reclaiming of resources, destroyed Warden craft and Silicoid husks, pilots and API boxes that successfully eject from destroyed Warden craft, and moving satellites faster than they might otherwise move on their own, depending on what mechanics the game employs.

Ideas and Suggestions / Artificial Pilot Intelligences
« on: June 14, 2018, 09:57:24 PM »
APP or API - artificial pilot personality or artificial pilot intelligence

Fielded after research into artificial intelligence nets the necessary breakthroughs, artificial pilot computer systems could be installed into Warden craft to function as human pilots, with benefits like increased reaction time, but trade-offs like increased costs.

Not sure how much depth there is planned for resources ingame but an additional thought pertains to requiring more supplies to field, be it parts flown up from Earth/printed in space or otherwise.

Then there could be "recruitment" time versus a human pilot or simpler unmanned vehicle computer.  It might take longer to build but be a faster learner in the field (if experience/veterancy is planned), but become faster to recruit with research.  It could be faster to field than humans early game, but once Solar Warden goes public and if public opinion is favorable, get surpassed by humans rallying to fill the ranks.

With the total reliance on craft/satellite sensors for battlefield awareness, Warden combat craft could suffer more negative traits as the craft and API is piloting takes damage, compared to humans, until further research better streamlines the battlefield network connections (or some other excuse).

Furthermore if any mechanics are implemented where human pilots suffer negative affects from continued use of telepresence then this system could avoid such for craft it's deployed on.

I wonder too if a mechanic would allow for hive minded battlefield awareness, something that could see ingame research removing/lowering the suffered damage debuffs when there are more APIs are in a fleet or area.

Ideas and Suggestions / Shell company space-missions
« on: June 14, 2018, 09:35:04 PM »
The idea: using shell companies for deploying civilian cargo into space to make money on the side. Such missions could also use transport craft to get other, more important resources into space.  Thus with limited transporters the commander would have to balance when to use them for Warden and civilian missions, unless when a civilian mission allows some Warden supplies to be discreetly transported.

Ideas and Suggestions / Asteroid-based resources
« on: June 14, 2018, 09:31:30 PM »
The idea is that resources could be reclaimed from asteroids that Silicoid arrive in, are sent to distract fire in a Silicoid rush/damage Earth's surface, or end up on a course to just pass by.

H.U.R.K. transports could be deployed to carry a mining laser module if such can have a modular bay, or deploy rockets to an asteroids surface to maneuver it into orbit (after Solar Warden reveals itself to the public and has the tech?), or maybe enough could tow it to a desired location, somehow.

Weapons used to break apart an asteroid could eliminate amounts of resources available to be reclaimed, with a ballistic weapon and missiles destroying more resources than a laser or railgun.  Such could be modified if there is variety in ammo types.

Long-range radar satellites, short-range sensor buoy like systems, large craft, and small craft via a scanner pod that mounts to a hardpoint, could have upgrades to scan asteroids and determine if they are occupied and what resources each contains.

(Not sure by what degree resource management is planned/desired for this game, if at all since having gone back through and checked the game's description, nor do I know what the the game's development roadmap looks like with the allotted resources, but maybe such could be considered as part of future DLC, if the idea hasn't been fleshed out by the team thus far, for my outsider's worth of two cents.)

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